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Item #: CWB11114
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9" X 11" ~ ~ 5 1/4" X 7"
Henry Moore Black
Residence was not listed; Enlisted on 2/1/1863 at San Francisco, CA as a Colonel. On 2/1/1863 he was commissioned into Field & Staff CA 6th Infantry He was discharged for promotion on 6/30/1864 (Subsequent service in US Army until retiring 01/15/1891) Promotions: * 6/30/1864 (Commander of Cadets at West Point, NY)

Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1842, to July 1, 1847, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to Bvt. Second Lieut., 4th Infantry, July 1, 1847.Served: at the Military Academy as Asst. Instructor of Artillery, 1847; p332 in the War with Mexico, 1847‑48, at the City of Mexico; in garrison at(Second Lieut., 7th Infantry, Aug. 20, 1847)Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1848‑49; in Florida Hostilities against the Seminole Indians, 1849‑50; in garrison at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1850, — and Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., 1850; as Quartermaster, 7th Infantry, Sep. 10, 1850, to Apr. 16, 1855, — at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1850‑51, — Ft. Gibson, I. T., 1851‑52, — making payment, 1852‑54, to Seminole Warriors for services in Florida in 1835‑36, — Ft. Gibson, I. T., 1852‑55, —(First Lieut., 9th Infantry, Mar. 3, 1855)and Ft. Monroe, Va., 1855; on Recruiting service, 1855, 1856‑57; and(Captain, 9th Infantry, Sep. 10, 1856)on frontier duty at Ft. Simcoe, Wash., 1857‑58, — Scouting against Yakima and other hostile Indians, 1858, — Ft. Simcoe, Wash., 1858‑59, — and Ft. Dalles, Or., 1859‑61.Served during the Rebellion of the Seceding States, 1861‑66: in command of Ft. Vancouver, Wash., June to Nov., 1861; in garrison of San Francisco, Cal., awaiting orders for seat of war, Dec., 1861, to Sep., 1862; in command of Alcatraz Island, Cal., Sep., 1862, to Jan., 1863; at San Francisco, Cal., Superintending Organization of Regiment of California Volunteers,(Colonel, 6th California Volunteers, Feb. 1, 1863)Jan. to Mar., 1863; and in command of Benicia Barracks, Cal.,(Major, 7th Infantry, July 25, 1863)Apr. 1, 1863, to Feb., 1864, — and of District of Humboldt, Feb. to Sep., 1864, during active Operations against hostile Indians. Bvt. Lieut.‑Col., and Bvt. Colonel, Mar. 13, 1865,
for Faithful and Meritorious Services during the Rebellion. Mustered out of Volunteer Service, Nov. 9, 1865.Served: as Commandant of Cadets and Instructor of Artillery, Infantry, and Cavalry Tactics, at the Military Academy, Sep. 22, 1864, to(Lieut.‑Colonel, 4th Infantry, Oct. 7, 1868)July 1, 1870; as Member of Tactics Board, Jan. 25, 1866, to Feb. 4, 1867; on leave of absence, July 1 to Nov. 1, 1870; in command of regiment(Unassigned, Mar. 15, 1869; and Assigned to 18th Infantry, July 1, 1870)and post of Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 1, 1870, to Jan. 9, 1871, — of Charleston, S. C., Jan. 18 to Apr. 4, 1871, and of Columbia, S. C., Apr. 11, 1871, to Jan. 1, 1876; as Member of Board to report on certain Army Supplies, Jan. 1 to June 7, 1876; and in command of regiment and post of Columbia, S. C., June 15, 1876, to July 24, 1877, — of troops at Cumberland, Md., Grafton, W. Va., and Allegheny Arsenal, Pa., for suppressing Railroad Disturbances, July to Nov., 1877, — and of regiment and post of Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 3, 1877, to July 1, 1878, continuing on duty at that post, July 1, 1878, to May, 1879, — and at Ft. Assiniboine, Mon., to Oct. 1, 1879; in command of regiment and post of Ft. Assiniboine, Mon., to June 2, 1881, — and of Depot at David's Island, N. Y., to June 14,(Colonel, 23d Infantry, Feb. 6, 1882)1882; on delay and leave of absence to Oct. 16, 1882; in command of regiment and post of Ft. Union, N. M., to June 2, 1884, — and Ft. Wayne, Mich., to Nov. 10, 1884; on Court-martial duty, to Feb. 24, 1885; in command of regiment and post of Ft. Wayne, Mich. (Member of Court of Inquiry at Ft. Coeur d'Alène, Ida., Mar. 7 to Apr. 19, 1887, — President of Board of Judges at National Drill Encampment, Washington, D. C., May 15 to June 4, 1887, — and in command of Instructional Encampment at Chicago, Ill., Sep. 27 to Oct. 21, 1887) to –––––.Vol. IV
p71[Supplement, Vol. IV: 1890‑1900]Military History. — Commanding Fort Wayne, Mich., to May, 1890. — Fort Sam Houston to Jan., 1891.Retired from Active Service, he being 64 Years of Age, Jan. 15, 1891.Died Aug. 5, 1893, at Chicago, Ill.: Aged 66.

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