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Item #: CWB13121
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DEDICATED SEPT. 27, 1907 ~

George Sears Greene, 1801-1899, was a Rhode Islander by birth, but commanded a 12th Corps brigade consisting of the 60th, 78th, 102nd, 137th and 157th New York. On the night of July 2-3 he conducted a spirited defense of Culp’s Hill, reinforced by some other troops, but still outnumbered. His actions in saving the right of the Union line were, in fact, much more publicized and highly regarded during the period than the defense of the Union left at Little Round Top, which now dominates our appreciation of the battle. Greene went west with the 12th Corps, was wounded at Wauhatchie, Tenn., but returned to command a provisional division under Sherman at war’s end. He was brevetted Major General of Volunteers March 13, 1865

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