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2" IN HEIGHT ~ Following Meade’s death, the Fairmount Park Art Association (now the Association for Public Art) initiated a campaign to finance an appropriate memorial. Though fundraising was slowed by Jay Cooke’s September panic of 1873 and competition from the Centennial, the Meade Memorial Women’s Auxiliary Committee finally raised the balance and a competition to select an artist began. The artist chosen was Alexander Milne Calder, sculptor of William Penn atop Philadelphia’s City Hall.
Calder based his rendering of Meade on his own memory, photographs, and the recollections of family members and friends. In 1887, over thirty thousand people watched Meade’s grandsons unveil the Meade statue, which was Calder’s first large-scale bronze and the first major commission project of the Association. General Meade and his horse "Baldy” continue to gaze out across the park landscape in the direction of Laurel Hill Cemetery where Meade was buried.
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Item # CWB13861
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