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4 X 7 ~ TIPTON

The State of Vermont monument is south of Gettysburg on Hancock Avenue.
The monument stands 60′ tall. A bronze statue stands on a granite base of Brigadier General George Stannard, commander of the Second Vermont Brigade at Gettysburg. The front of the base displays a relief of the Coat of Arms of Vermont, with inscriptions on its other three sides about all the Vermont units who were at the Battle of Gettysburg .The statue shows General Stannard as he appeared after he lost his right arm later in the fighting around Petersburg, the last of three serious wounds he suffered in the Civil War. Stannard is holding his sword in his left hand, and his right sleeve is pinned up. It was debated whether to show Stannard as he was during the battle before he lost his arm, but it was thought fitting to display the sacrifice made by so many soldiers during the Civil War.

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Item # CWB11306
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