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Clean image from Jones & Vanerson of Richmond Virginia.

John Singleton Mosby

Residence Goodson, Washington County VA; a 27 year-old Lawyer.

Enlisted on 5/14/1861 at Abingdon, VA as a Private.

On 5/14/1861 he mustered into "D" Co. VA 1st Cavalry He Resigned on 5/6/1862

On 5/6/1862 he was commissioned into CS Stuart's Staff 
He was transferred out on 1/21/1864

On 1/21/1864 he was commissioned into Field & Staff 
VA 43rd Battn Part. Cavalry 
He was Surrendered on 4/21/1865

He was listed as:
* Wounded (date and place not stated) (Three times)
* Served 5/6/1862 (place not stated) (As Aide de Camp to General Stuart)
* POW 7/20/1862 Beaver Dam, VA
* Confined 7/25/1862 Fort Monroe, VA (Estimated day)
* Exchanged 8/5/1862 (place not stated) 
(Exchanged for Charles A Bayard 5th WI)
* Paroled 6/17/1865 Lynchburg, VA

* 2nd Lieut 2/17/1862 (And Adjutant)
* 1st Lieut 4/2/1862 
* Capt 3/15/1863 (As of PACS. General Lee's Staff)
* Major 3/26/1863 (PACS)
* Lt Col 1/21/1864 (As of 43rd Battn Cav)
* Colonel 12/7/1865 

Intra Regimental Company Transfers:
* 2/17/1862 from company D to Field & Staff 

Other Information:
born 12/6/1833
died 5/30/1916 
Buried: Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, VA

(Lawyer, Warrenton, VA and San Francisco, CA Postwar,
 US Counsel to Hong Kong.  Attorney for Southern 
 Pacific RR for 16 years.)

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