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The 15th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, was mustered into service at Camp Hastings, Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania, on May 10 and 11, 1898. At the time of mustering in, the regiment consisted of thirty-six officers and 604 enlisted men.
When the call went out for volunteers, the guard units formed and rendezvoused at Camp Hastings. Fairly typical of the type send off provided by the local communities is that which was provided for Company G. In Sharon, where the company was headquartered, the main street was decorated and lined with cheering civilians as the troops marched to the train station. The troops were escorted by the local community band, local veterans organizations, etc. Once at Camp Hastings, the companies were initially recruited up to a strength of 75 men. Later, some were increased to 106 men. Prior to its mustering in, the regiment was reviewed by Governor Hastings on May 3. Following its mustering into the federal service, the regiment remained at Camp Hastings for a month until June 11,when orders were received from the U.S. Army's Department of the East ordering the regiment to positions at Sheridan Point, Virginia and Fort Washington, Maryland. These two fortifications, located on the Potomac River, south of Washington DC, near Mount Vernon were placed to defend the river - and the nation;s capital and the Washington Navy Yard - from incursion. Companies A, B, D, F, G and K were sent to Sheridan Point, whereas Companies C and E were sent to Fort Washington. The Fort Washington contingent was placed under the command of the regiment's Lt. Col. Mechling. On June 23, companies A and G were shifted from Sheridan Point to Fort Washington. Sheridan Point was originally part of the Mount Vernon estate, until 1892. In 1897, work began to construct concrete emplacement for 8-inch breechloading "disappearing" guns (guns which raised when fired, but dropped below the fortification wall when being loaded). The members of the 15th Pennsylvania would have lived in tents at the site, since barracks were not constructed until 1899. In that same year, the fortification was renamed "Fort Hunt" in honor of Civil War general Henry Hunt.
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Item # CWB12529
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