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Laurence Massillon Keitt (October 4, 1824 – June 2, 1864) was an American planter, lawyer, politician, and soldier from South Carolina. During his tenure in the United States House of Representatives, he was included in several lists of Fire-Eaters—men who adamantly urged the secession of southern states from the United States, and who resisted measures of compromise and reconciliation, leading to the American Civil War. Keitt is notable for being involved in two separate acts of legislative violence in the Congressional chambers. In the first, Keitt assisted Representative Preston Brooks (D-SC) in his 1856 attack on Senator Charles Sumner (R-MA) in the Senate chamber by brandishing a pistol and cane to prevent other Senators from coming to Sumner's aid. The second was in 1858, when he attacked and attempted to choke Representative Galusha Grow (R-PA) during an argument on the floor of the U.S. House. When the Civil War began, he served as a deputy of the Provisional Confederate States Congress and later as a colonel in the Confederate States Army. During the Battle of Cold Harbor on June 1, 1864, Keitt —in his first experience of combat in the field— was leading his infantry brigade on a horse in a charge on Philip Sheridan's dismounted cavalry near Beulah Church when he was shot in the liver or lung. He died the next day near Richmond, Virginia and is buried at West End Cemetery in St. Matthews, South Carolina.
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Item # CWB13349
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