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SV PHOTO- GOOD SHAPE- The Cruiser U.S.S. BALTIMORE saw much interesting duty before, during and after the Spanish-American War. In 1898, she served with the United States Asiatic Squadron under Commodore Dewey and took part in the Battle of Manila Bay on May 1. She was the second largest vessel in George Dewey's fleet, surpassed only by the flagship, USFS OLYMPIA. During the first half of the battle, the U.S.S. BALTIMORE was the second ship in Asiatic Squadron's line of battle. In the later part of the action, the she led the attack, having a duel with Spanish shore batteries. At Manila Bay, BALTIMORE suffered two officers and six men wounded by a single shell which riccochetted around the weather deck, hitting and exploding some ammunition. These were Dewey's only casualties during the battle and all recovered from their wounds. The following day, U.S.S. BALTIMORE and USS RALEIGH went to demand the surrender of the batteries on the island Corregidor at the entrance to Manila Bay. . .
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Item # CWB2837
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