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Item #: CWB7978
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Maltby, Jasper A., brigadier-general, was born in
Kingsville, Ashtabula county, Ohio, Nov. 3, 1826. He served
during the Mexican war as a private and was severely wounded
at Chapultepec. On returning to private life he engaged in
business at Galena, Ill., and was engaged in mercantile
pursuits there until the Civil war. He became lieutenant-
colonel of the 45th Ill. infantry on Dec. 26, 1861, and was
promoted colonel March 5, 1863. He was wounded at Fort
Donelson, and received a severe wound at Vicksburg while in
command of his regiment. He was commissioned brigadier-
general of volunteers, Aug. 4, 1863, and served with the Army
of the Tennessee during the subsequent campaigns, being
mustered out of the service Jan. 15, 1866. Gen. Maltby was
appointed by the military commander of the district mayor of
Vicksburg, Miss., on Sept. 3, 1867, and died there Dec. 12,
1867, while in the discharge of the duties of that office.
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